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Total to date



2018Contribution to Linen League£600 £253,572
2018ICU equipment training£1,800  
2018Reclining bed chairs£6,962  
2018Endoscope camera£149,247  
2018video laryngoscopy£7,223  
2018Medi scales£197  
2018Exercise bikes£9,283  
2018Patient experience£10,000  
2018Fibroscanner£44, 885  
2018Happy rehab frame£10,122  
201820 reclining chairs£12,240  
2018Wheelchair weighbeams£612  
2018tv & stand for physiotherapy unit£401  
2017Contribution to Linen League£695 £1,473,687
2017Louisa Carey - fish tank£2,000  
2017Camera equipment for theatres£209, 144  
2017Doctor's mess equipment£7,531  
2017Training award£200  
2017Patient blood management - various items£532  
2017Cardiac unit equipment£9,604  
2017Day surgery unit -  various items£1,635  
2017Ophthalmology reality simulator£54,550  
2017Equipment for Asthma patients£5,924  
2017Neurology department licence/software for iPads£992  
2017Critical Care Unit equipment£1,180,880  
2016Critical Care Unit£124,988£15,532


Fibroscope and Probe
Choledochoscope and Ultrasound Scanner - Neurophysiology Equipment
2013Trans Oral Robotic Surgery equipment£171,880£33,316£205,196
2012Mobile Breast Screening Unit£770,000£68,098£838,098
2011Spectralis HRS Imaging equipment - Four Stairclimber machines£71,938£13,364£85,302
2010Audio Visual equipment for Horizon Centre - Pascal Laser for Ophthalmology Dept - Breast Care Unit Radiography equipment£71,938£35,424£374,374
2009Da Vinci Robot - Horizon Centre (Part) - Equipment for A&E£2,405,087£102,617£2,507,704
2008Horizon Centre (Part) - Sigmacon Laser - Breast Care Unit equipment£861,494£188,434£1,049,928
2007Chapel Windows - Endoscopy equipment - Leica Microtomes x 2£57,172£48,595£105,767
2006CAT Scanner - Endoscopy equipment - Specialist beds for Hetherington Unit£492,336£40,146£532,482
2005Heart Appeal - Gardens Dept equipment - Louisa Cary Ward£587,270£141,178£728,448
2004Ophthalmology equipment - Endoscopy equipment - Heart Appeal£1,106,000£91,885£1,197,885
2003Heart Appeal - Ophthalmology Cataract equipment - Mobile Image Intensifier£502,396£84,340£586,736
2002Louisa Cary Ward (Part) - CT Scan tube upgrade - Ophthalmology Cataract equipment£388,419£17,039£405,458
2001Louisa Cary Ward (Part) - Anaesthetic pumps and anaesthetic equipment for Maternity--£642,097
2000Upgrade Louisa Cary Ward (Part), Skills mannequins, Viridia monitors--£333,187
1999Resuscitation equipment, Paediatric Unit , Refurbishment Winnicott Centre, Urology equipment, Intubating fibroscope, Plasma warmer, Microscope--£200,519
1998MRI, Echocardiography machine, Colonoscopy/endoscopy equipment , Incubator--£1,100,895
1997Ophthalmic Equipment, Waiting Area furniture, Ambulance equipment, ICU beds--£186,036
1996Upgrade A&E Waiting Room, Mobile Image Intensifier, Ophthalmic equipment, Syringe drivers, Breast Screening Unit--£434,408
1995Orthopaedic equipment, Oxygen and suction equipment for Midwives--£26,298
1994Cardiac catheterisation, Cardiology equipment, Broncoscopy equipment, John Parkes Unit, Obstructive sleep apnoea--£197,893
1993John Parkes Unit, Lifting equipment, Cardiac catheterisation, Diabetic pumps--£662,944
1992Pain relief equipment, Laparoscopic equipment, Video endoscopy equipment, TREC Lecture Theatre (part), Infusion pump, Ambulance defibrillator--£116,332
1991Laser equipment, Ophthalmic equipment, TREC (part), Breast screening, Endoscopy equipment--£674,375
1990Equipment for new Ophthalmic Department, Servo ventilator, Ambulance monitor--£108,473
1989Kidney Unit 4 Dialysis machines, Cardiology equipment, TREC (part)--£220,911
1988Orthofix equipment, Oncology equipment, Various other medical equipment--£111,978
1987CT Scanner, Cot death computer, Pain Relief Clinic equipment--£529,455
1986ICU equipment and beds, King's Fund beds, Upgrading nurses' classroom, Additional accommodation A&E Dept--£224,096
1985ICU equipment, Video camera--£24,562
1984New ICU, Video equipment, Foot pump--£264,270
1983John Stentiford Day room--£20,188
1982Child Assessment Unit--£53,364
1981Surgical ICU, Endoscopy equipment, Foetal heart monitor--£66,827
1980Cobalt Unit, Echocardiography--£78,326
1979Surgical ICU equipment, Cobalt furnishings, King's Fund beds--£47,898
1978Balance Cobalt Unit, Endoscopy equipment, Colour TVs--£88,245
1977Part Cobalt Unit, Arthritis Project, Cystoscopy equipment--£42,416
1976Fracture and Orthopaedic Clinic , Piped oxygen, Hospital Broadcasting system--£33,487
1975Respirator, Ambulift hoist--£1,682
1974Infusion units, Tea/coffee vending machines--£9,210
1973New beds, ICU equipment, Chairs, TVs--£11,476
1972Piped oxygen, Sports and Social Centre, ICU equipment, Relative's overnight accommodation Hawkmoor Chest Hospital--£11,334
1971Image Intensifier, ICU monitoring equipment--£8,573
1970Sports and Social Centre donation - lockers, ICU respirator--£5,565
1969Isotope scanner, Heart monitor, Ainslie Ward Dayroom--£11,182
1968Cubicle curtains - Nightingale Ward Dayroom, Medicine trolleys--£3,502
1967Intensive Care Unit - cubicle curtains donation provision Medical Centre--£10,689
1966Chairs for smaller hospitals, Lockers, Tea/coffee vending machine--£2,102
1965Warrington Ward furnishings Wheelchairs, chairs and lockers for Annexe--£1,608
1964Outpatients accommodation--£7,120
1963Simpson Ward Dayroom--£2,769
1962Bedside chairs, Chest Clinic furniture--£1,215
1961Children's Ward Playroom--£1,430
1960Lockers, TV rentals, Special book--£964
1959Lockers - Telephone trolleys, Cubicle curtains--£2,168
1958101 Ward lockers--£2,913
1957Cubicle curtains--£1,905
1956Rosehill Children's Hospital Playroom--£1,039
1955Fruit Bowls, Bed Trays, Chairs--£279
1954Fruit Bowls, Picture--£12


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