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2024Rehab Equipment£20536.00  
2024Bladder Scanner for McCullum Ward£8536.62  
2024Image Guidance System for ENT Dept£81536.15  
2024.Patient Armchairs for Cromie Ward£6685.00  
2024Reclining Chairs for EAU£4384.80  
2024Glaucoma Laser£46635.  
2024Sensory Boxes£712.25  
2024Drone for Digital Horizons£10836. 


2024Bed Boards for Health and older person£14400.00  
2024Gilets for Emergency Department£2199.60  
2024Verathon 10 Bladder Scanner for Coronary Cary£8500.00  
2024Lockers / Chairs for McCullom Ward£23228.75  
2024Mindray benevision monitors for Stroke Wards£19208.88 


2024Chairs / Computers for Breast Care Unit£2876.00 


2024Lockers for Ophthelmic Theatres£1130.00  
2024Patient Beds for Louisa Cary£13100.00  
2024Pelvic Exercisers for physiotherapy£500.00  
2023Diabetes Cook and Eat, Clothing Bank 2 Hi Low Beds £8400.00, Orcam Read Smart Scanner. 2 Reclining Chairs for Ainslie Ward. 8 Chairs for AMU. VR therapy pain device / programmes,  camara bundleRefurbishment of Mortuary, 5 Reclining Chairs for Discharge Lounge. Vinyl QR Code Tree. 2 reclining chairs.. Recognition Funding. Organ Donor Recognition funding. Mens Health Advice Leaflet. Patient Trollies for General Theatres. Physio Asessment Stairs for Ella Rowcroft. New Decking for Louisa Cary. Reclining Chairs for Warrington Ward..  £389368.77
2022Covid Appeal. 2 x Hill Rom Anatome HDP Chairs, 12 X Chart Work Stations. 2 x Ipads with Headphones, Computor and Microphones. BP Monitors, 2 x portable Videolaryngoscopes, 6 x FES, Xion Endoflex System, Ultrasound Equipment, Computers on Wheels, Equipment for AMU, RT-CT Scanner, Diagnostic Scanner for Radiotherapy Department, Hamilton TI Ventilator,Bladder Scanner, £8613.85   Phlebotom Equipment, £45670.92 Dementia Equipment, £26450.48.  TV Sets & Stands, £714.00, 4 x Defibrillators and Installation, £2500.  Ipad & Covers,£1090.48. Concealment Trollies, £6499.00. Funds for cook & Eat, £1000 x Comfort Blankets, £1200. Mobile Interactive Table for Digital Innovations £7333. Virtual Realty Headsets for Digital Futures £21400.00.  £3716223.81
2021ipads for theatre, 2 x Mobile Hamilton Ventilators for Childrens Emergency Department, 4 xTrollies Catheter Cardiology, Bile Duct Ultrasound unit,Bariatric Stairclimbers  £70761.00
2020Recliner Chairs Tairu,Cardiology, 6 x Raizer Chairs.Transformation of Training Room,Comfort Packs  £37,500
2019Endoscopy Equipment, Razor Chairs, TV and Holder, Camara for Beech Ward, Equipment For Dermatology, Dietic Equipment, Training Room Conversion  £1,336,538
2018tv & stand for physiotherapy unit, Contribution to Linen League, ICU equipment training, Reclining bed chairs, Endoscope camera, video laryngoscopy,Medi scales, Exercise bikes, Patient experience, Fibroscanner, Happy rehab frame, 20 reclining chairs, Wheelchair weighbeams.  £253,572
2017Critical Care Unit equipment, Contribution to Linen League, Louisa Carey - fish tank, Camera equipment for theatres, Doctor's mess equipment, Training award, Patient blood management - various items, Cardiac unit equipment, Day surgery unit -  various items, Ophthalmology reality simulator, Equipment for Asthma patients, Neurology department licence/software for iPads  £1,472,807
2016Critical Care Unit£124,988£15,532


Fibroscope and Probe
Choledochoscope and Ultrasound Scanner - Neurophysiology Equipment
2013Trans Oral Robotic Surgery equipment£171,880£33,316£265,505
2012Mobile Breast Screening Unit£770,000£68,098£838,098
2011Spectralis HRS Imaging equipment - Four Stairclimber machines£71,938£13,364£147,443
2010Audio Visual equipment for Horizon Centre - Pascal Laser for Ophthalmology Dept - Breast Care Unit Radiography equipment£71,938£35,424£406,557
2009Da Vinci Robot - Horizon Centre (Part) - Equipment for A&E£2,405,087£102,617£2,507,704
2008Horizon Centre (Part) - Sigmacon Laser - Breast Care Unit equipment£861,494£188,434£1,049,928
2007Chapel Windows - Endoscopy equipment - Leica Microtomes x 2£57,172£48,595£105,767
2006CAT Scanner - Endoscopy equipment - Specialist beds for Hetherington Unit£492,336£40,146£532,482
2005Heart Appeal - Gardens Dept equipment - Louisa Cary Ward£587,270£141,178£728,448
2004Ophthalmology equipment - Endoscopy equipment - Heart Appeal£1,106,000£91,885£1,197,885
2003Heart Appeal - Ophthalmology Cataract equipment - Mobile Image Intensifier£502,396£84,340£586,736
2002Louisa Cary Ward (Part) - CT Scan tube upgrade - Ophthalmology Cataract equipment£388,419£17,039£405,458
2001Louisa Cary Ward (Part) - Anaesthetic pumps and anaesthetic equipment for Maternity--£670,583
2000Upgrade Louisa Cary Ward (Part), Skills mannequins, Viridia monitors--£347,636
1999Resuscitation equipment, Paediatric Unit , Refurbishment Winnicott Centre, Urology equipment, Intubating fibroscope, Plasma warmer, Microscope--£218,941
1998MRI, Echocardiography machine, Colonoscopy/endoscopy equipment , Incubator--£1,118,181
1997Ophthalmic Equipment, Waiting Area furniture, Ambulance equipment, ICU beds--£206,359
1996Upgrade A&E Waiting Room, Mobile Image Intensifier, Ophthalmic equipment, Syringe drivers, Breast Screening Unit--£461,570
1995Orthopaedic equipment, Oxygen and suction equipment for Midwives--£40,647
1994Cardiac catheterisation, Cardiology equipment, Broncoscopy equipment, John Parkes Unit, Obstructive sleep apnoea--£222,111
1993John Parkes Unit, Lifting equipment, Cardiac catheterisation, Diabetic pumps--£678,236
1992Pain relief equipment, Laparoscopic equipment, Video endoscopy equipment, TREC Lecture Theatre (part), Infusion pump, Ambulance defibrillator--£133,269
1991Laser equipment, Ophthalmic equipment, TREC (part), Breast screening, Endoscopy equipment--£691,934
1990Equipment for new Ophthalmic Department, Servo ventilator, Ambulance monitor--£125,520
1989Kidney Unit 4 Dialysis machines, Cardiology equipment, TREC (part)--£233,847
1988Orthofix equipment, Oncology equipment, Various other medical equipment--£121,577
1987CT Scanner, Cot death computer, Pain Relief Clinic equipment--£540,132
1986ICU equipment and beds, King's Fund beds, Upgrading nurses' classroom, Additional accommodation A&E Dept--£236,358
1985ICU equipment, Video camera--£31,488
1984New ICU, Video equipment, Foot pump--£271,783
1983John Stentiford Day room--£26,474
1982Child Assessment Unit--£58,208
1981Surgical ICU, Endoscopy equipment, Foetal heart monitor--£69,177
1980Cobalt Unit, Echocardiography--£82,114
1979Surgical ICU equipment, Cobalt furnishings, King's Fund beds--£50,309
1978Balance Cobalt Unit, Endoscopy equipment, Colour TVs--£90,396
1977Part Cobalt Unit, Arthritis Project, Cystoscopy equipment--£44,897
1976Fracture and Orthopaedic Clinic , Piped oxygen, Hospital Broadcasting system--£35,168
1975Respirator, Ambulift hoist--£3,199
1974Infusion units, Tea/coffee vending machines--£10,675
1973New beds, ICU equipment, Chairs, TVs--£12,935
1972Piped oxygen, Sports and Social Centre, ICU equipment, Relative's overnight accommodation Hawkmoor Chest Hospital--£12,665
1971Image Intensifier, ICU monitoring equipment--£9,516
1970Sports and Social Centre donation - lockers, ICU respirator--£6,601
1969Isotope scanner, Heart monitor, Ainslie Ward Dayroom--£11,831
1968Cubicle curtains - Nightingale Ward Dayroom, Medicine trolleys--£3,985
1967Intensive Care Unit - cubicle curtains donation provision Medical Centre--£11,090
1966Chairs for smaller hospitals, Lockers, Tea/coffee vending machine--£2,564
1965Warrington Ward furnishings Wheelchairs, chairs and lockers for Annexe--£2,026
1964Outpatients accommodation--£7,482
1963Simpson Ward Dayroom--£3,090
1962Bedside chairs, Chest Clinic furniture--£1,738
1961Children's Ward Playroom--£1,730
1960Lockers, TV rentals, Special book--£1,261
1959Lockers - Telephone trolleys, Cubicle curtains--£2,415
1958101 Ward lockers--£3,136
1957Cubicle curtains--£2,178
1956Rosehill Children's Hospital Playroom--£1,241
1955Fruit Bowls, Bed Trays, Chairs--£424
1954Fruit Bowls, Picture--£164


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