£2.1 million

Posted on: 01st December 2022

The League of Friends is about to pay a total of £2.1m to Torbay Hospital on new equipment including £566.000 for vital clinical and medical items for the Acute Medical Unit shortly to open on Level 2, as well as providing £1.3m for two new Scanners for Radiology, a further £89,751.00 for Computers for use in Wards throughout the hospital, a Ventilator for the Emergency Department, Dementia equipment for the Care of the Elderly wards, various equipment for the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit and a host of other items which will enhance Medical and Patient care. When the National Health Service started in July 1948 all previous voluntary help for Torbay hospital disappeared and so the Torbay Hospital League of Friends was formed. Over the last 68 years the League has raised a staggering total of over £21m. Since 2016 it is especially proud to have been able to supply £1.6m on equipment for the brand-new ICU which did so much to help during the height of the pandemic. More recently, in 2019, the League was able to donate £1.3m to provide 34 new high-definition endoscopes and 3 video processing units to re-equip the busy Endoscopy Department which undertakes some 11,000 procedures each year. The Chairman of the League, Roy Tuttle said “Our motto is “Helping to Care” so I am delighted to announce that during the course of the last 12 months we have been able to promise further funding to Torbay Hospital to the extent of just over £2.1m. This huge amount of money is down to the incredible generosity of the people living in Torbay who have continued to support us wholeheartedly in spite of Covid-19 and lockdowns.” It is more than likely that anyone who has had anything to do with our hospital either personally or through a relative or friend, has benefited from something the League has provided. Because they are all volunteers, The League of Friends is proud to be able to say that on average for every £1 donated 95p is spent on the hospital – a fantastic achievement. Roy Tuttle went on to say “We are continuing to fund raise and hope to be out and about much more in the future than in the last two years so if you see us rattling a tin or see one of our collecting boxes please give generously.”

£2.1 million


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